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Windroy Download

Windroy Download


This is the most recent version of Windroy. Installation and set up is still the same as the previous version.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8

Processor: Intel Pentium 1.66 GHz CPU


Graphics: 500 MB

Publisher: Socketeq

File Size: 83 mb

Release Date: 08/03/2013



A few people have had some problems with getting Windroy to run on their machines. I have contacted Socketeq several times in regards to these issues but I have received no replies from them. The newest version has some bug fixes but I am not convinced that they pertain to the problems that some have had. The previous version that I had up had over 11k downloads and only a few people have had any issues.

What I would like to ask is that if you are downloading and running Windroy please leave a comment to let us know if your machine is either a 64 bit system or a 32 bit system.

I want to thank everyone for visiting and supporting my site. It means a lot to me that you have chosen to read my posts!

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 Windroy Download

windroy downloadWindroy is more than just an emulator. It’s a full porting of the Android operating system to Windows. This means that it is much faster than other emulators such as Bluestacks when it comes to running apps.

The Windroy download is free created by Socketeq.

The Windroy interface is exactly the same as the Android interface system on most Android devices. It integrates with many Windows applications such as Flash and Windows Media Player.

The Windroy user interface screen is customizable allowing the user to control how big the actual screen is. Apps run very smoothly on Windroy with no problems.


Some Issues With Windroy

There are quite a few common issues associated with Windroy.

First up is Windroy download time. Many people find that it takes forever for Windroy to download. What they fail to forget is that this is a complete operating system and the file size is quite huge, around 83 mb huge. So it will take a while.

The second biggest issue is having to manually install Windroy into your systems root directory. This trick can be a little too technical for those who are not skilled at this sort of thing.

Along with having to manually install Windroy into the root directory, if you want to adjust your screen resolution this is a manual process as well. Many sites claim that Windroy has an adjustable screen resolution, but they fail to mention that this is a manual task that you have to go into your systems environment settings to do. A future tutorial on this will be available in the near future.

Socketeq claims that all Android apps will run on Windroy. This is not the case. While many apps do run very smoothly on Windroy many willl also cause the system to crash. Games such as Angry Birds will cause Windroy to either lockup or crash all together.

All in all, Windroy is a great program and it is important to remember that it is in its developmental stages. Once it has all of the bugs worked out of it, Windroy is going to be, in my opinion, the best Android system for PC out on the market. This has the potential to really eat into the Xbox and Playstation markets when you consider that you can now play Android apps on big screen TVs.

After your Windroy download is complete please checkout our detailed Windroy installation tutorial.

As always, thanks for stopping by and be sure to leave a comment.

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