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Need A Movie Trailer App?

Android Movie Trailer Apps

To many movie goers the best part of going to the movies is watching the trailers and the next best thing to actually watching the movie is watching the movie trailers that lead up to its premier. An Android movie trailer app will enhance that experience by letting users keep up with their favorite upcoming movies while on the go. Here we will discuss some of the Android movie trailer apps that keep us anticipating the release of the next blockbuster.

1. CineTrailer - If you live in Europe then this Android movie trailer app is for you. It’s

Android Movie Trailer Apps

popular among 9 different languages and 11 European markets. Each bit of movie info is complete with movie synopsis, cast list, and of course a movie trailer. CineTrailer also keeps you up to date with the latest DVD news and releases.




2. Trailer Addict – If you are an avid movie goer then most likely you have found out that many times the actual movie trailers are better than the movie that you are paying to see.Android Movie Trailer Apps

That was the inspiration behind Trailer Addict. This app boasts a huge data base of movie trailers that is sure to keep any movie going buff satisfied until premier night. For an even bigger movie trailer experience head on over to the Trailer Addict website for the latest in movie news and updates.


3. Fandango – This Android movie trailer app is considered one of the best out there by many people. It sports a very friendly user interface which is the least of this apps

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tremendous appeal. Not only can you watch trailers of any of your favorite up coming movies, you can also view times and even purchase movie tickets. A very useful app to have especially for those spontaneous moments that we have all experienced. This app is only rivaled by Fandango’s website.




4. IMBD – All movie fans are familiar with IMBD. IMBD is possibly the number one source

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for all things movies. Their online database of movie news, trailers, and history is unmatched. It would only make sense for them to have an Android app that can be added to any mobile device or tablet. Movie fans are able to increase their movie knowledge and view the latest trailers along with movie news and updates. No true movie fan should leave home without this awesome app.

There you have it, a mini-review of just some of the top Android movie trailer apps. Be sure to stop by their sites and see what’s going on in the world of cinema.

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