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Bluestacks Latest Version

Bluestacks Latest Version

Here is the latest version of Bluestacks App Player. Set up and installation is still the same. The only problem that I encountered with the newer version is that a Google account is required before you can begin anything. Other than that, the newer version is by far better than the previous version.

The new user interface is very nice, very simple and,(in my opinion) a lot more user friendly. The new Bluestacks user interface has the look and feel of a real Anrdoid OS unlike the previous version which is a huge plus.

new interfaceBluestacks New User Interface

Bluestacks Previous Interface

The search function (upper left hand corner) operates in the same manner as the previous version. After you have downloaded and installed your apps just click on the “All Apps” button to access your apps library.

All AppsBluestacks Library

A newer version of Bluestacks that has the perfect Android feel too it. Another great thing about this new Bluestacks release is that it can play a larger variety of games whereas the previous version was limited. Larger games such as SoulCraft play smoothly and look awesome up on the big screen!

Again, I want to take the time to thank everyone for following my posts and supporting the site. I would like to ask everyone that does download from my site to post in the comments section if you have a 32 bit or 64 bit system and how everything is working out for you. Again thanks and I hope that you all enjoy my content.

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