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Backup Android Files Using AppMonster

Backup Android Files Using AppMonster

Backup Android Files Using AppMonsterIn this tutorial we are going to continue our series on how to backup Android files using Bluestacks to your PC. The first thing that we will need is a utilities app that will let you back up your files.

Remember that when looking for an app to backup Android files that there are plenty of free ones available. I have chosen to use AppMonster for backing up Android files on my PC. This is a great backup application and it is easy to use. You can either download it straight to your PC and manually install it either on Bluestacks or Windroy or you can visit Android Drawer and download it straight into either emulator. For this tutorial we will cover AppMonster installation for Bluestacks.

Step 1. Open Bluestacks and access the app search menu. Search for AppMonster Free.

appmonster search

Step 2. Select install. Once installed you should see the AppMonster icon on your Bluestacks dashboard.

appmonster installed

Step 3. Our target from the previous tutorial is Temple Run 2. Click on the AppMonster icon. A new screen will appear. Scroll until you see the Temple Run 2 file and select it.

temple run 2 search

Step 4. After selecting the Temple Run 2 file you should get a window that will offer you several different options to chose from. You want to chose backup.

appmonster file selection

Step 5. You should get a notification that your file was successfully backed up and saved to your sdcard.

appmonster file saved

Now you are able to backup Android files using AppMonster. In the next tutorial we learn how to use Astro File Manager to locate the AppMonster backup folder and how to extract these files to your PC.

AppMonster Backup Folder


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