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Android SDK Emulator App Installation Guide

Android SDK Emulator App Installation Guide

Android EmulatorsNow it is time to cover how to install apps on with the unofficial Android SDK Emulator App Installation Guide so that you can start playing some games on the big screen. This part is where it gets a little tricky so make sure that you follow along and don’t leave out any steps.

Step 1. We need to install a directory path into your Windows system. So here is what we need to do:

  • Go into the folder where you extracted the Android zip file and locate the folder “platform tools”. Right click and copy the location.Android SDK Emulator App Installation Guide
  • Next click on your start menu, right click on “computer” and then select properties.
  • Select advanced settings and then select “Environmental Variables”.
  • Under system variables find “Path”. Highlight it and select edit. A new window will pop that will give you the ability to edit the path directory. Make sure you scroll to the very end of the line. You will need to add a semi-colon and then right click to paste the file location that you copied for your platform tools folder. When done you should have something that looks like this:Android SDK Emulator App Installation GuideClick OK and close all of the windows out, we are done here.
  • Next you will need to locate an app that you would like to install and play. When you have found it, copy it and paste into the “platform tools”.
  • Next you will need to open your “command prompt”. To do this click on your start menu and in the search box just type “cmd”. It should show up in the list. Once it is open you will need to type “cd” and then paste the location of your “platform folder” here as well, then hit enter. Next type “adb install” and then the name of the app. So this is what you should have:Android SDK Emulator App Installation Guide Then hit enter. It may take quite a while, but if you followed these steps you should achieve success. The command prompt will notify you of a successful install and depending on your system it could take several minutes for it to finish so be patient. Once it has notified you, you can access your device and you should see your newly installed app.Android SDK Emulator App Installation Guide

Step 2. I’ve decided to install Angry Birds which I downloaded from Android Drawer. This is where many people run into their first problem with this emulator. When you run the app the view screen of the device will rotate and you will have something like this: