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Windroy Android Emulator For Windows

Windroy Android Emulator For Windows

One of the more interesting Android emulators is the Windroy Android emulator for Windows. The installation requires some manual tweaks. The best thing about this emulator that it actually runs the Android OS on your PCrather than simulating a device.

Once installed, however, Windroy does not come equipped with Google Play Store. This is just a minor problem for which there is an easy solution to. We’ll get to this in a moment, but before we go on I want to let everyone know that the screen shots that I am posting on here are taken from my system so that  you know it is actually working.

Step 1. Download Windroy from our free downloads section here.

Step 2. Once Windroy has finished downloading, open the application and click next.

windroy android emulator

Step 3. Accept the terms of the License Agreement and continue clicking through until the install begins. After the installation has finished there will be 2 more windows to clicks through. One that provides some information about the software and the company that made it and the “Finished Installation” window. During this process you should be given the option to install a desktop icon for Windroy. This part is totally up to you.

Step 4. Either click on the Windroy desktop icon or if you chose not add an icon you can access Windroy by clicking on your start menu and selecting the Windroy option through there. Once it has started it will take a second for it to completely boot up. After it has finished you should see something like this:

windroy android emulator

Of course the times and dates will be different but if this is what you have on your screen then CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have successfully installed the Android OS on Windows.

Step 5. Since Android is set up to work with touch sensitive screens your mouse will take the place of your finger unless you have a touch screen monitor. So, simply click on the lock icon and hold. Slide it to the unlocked lock and this will give you access to your Android desktop. You can minimize this screen at anytime so that you can switch back to your Windows OS just by moving the pointer into the upper right hand of the screen and click either the minimize or close buttons.

Step 6. Next we will want to install the Android app that we want to play. This is where it gets ‘manual’. There are two different ways that you can install an app.

The first way is to find the proper Windroy root directory and manually insert the Android file that you have in mind to run on Windows. On my system Windroy is located on my C drive.

  • computer -> local disk C -> Windroy -> windroy_root -> data > app

This is what you should have:

windroy android emulator

Once that you have located the Android app that you would like to run, it’s just a simple drag n drop or copy n paste procedure into this file location to get it installed.

Now this is the most important step in this entire procedure. If you installed your  app into the Windroy root directory while it was running and then tried to access it I am betting that you ran into a problem. Most likely the app wasn’t there. This is because you have to restart Windroy every time that you install a new app. After you have closed and restarted Windroy you should now see your newly installed app and are now ready to play it on the big screen!

The second way to install an app is to install directly from the Android OS itself. But to do this you will have to access Android’s settings and set the system up so that it will be allowed to download from unknown sources. Here is where to go and how to do it:

windroy android emulator

This set up will allow you to use Android’s built in Google browser to go to your favorite site for downloading apk files onto your computer. Remember cannot go to Google Play Store for these apps. The site that I use is Android Drawer.