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How to run Android on PC….what do I need?

How to run Android on PC

run android on pcOk, so how do you run Android on PC? Well first thing is first, before you begin running Android apps on Windows you will need an Android emulator. An emulator is a software program that allows people to play Android apps on a PC.

There are several emulators available out there that allow you to run Android on PC, but what I am going to cover here (and this is just my personal opinion) are what I consider to be the top 3 free emulators that run on Windows operating systems along with some trouble shooting tips.

As with most software, somewhere out there there is going to be someone that is going to have some unexpected trouble with one of these emulators, so instead of searching through countless forums all over the internet, I’m going to do my best to address these issues here.

All of the Android emulators in this review have been downloaded and personally tested on my computer. I really feel that it is important to actually review these and cover some of the problems that people face when trying to install them rather than write a generic article that just covers only how to install them.

I have always felt that there were too many websites out there that just repeat each other while not mentioning what to do when things go wrong. This causes people to search through countless forums for an answer that could have been provided by any number of authors that had written articles on the subject.

And as always with any new program be sure to run a virus scan before doing any installations and be sure to set restore points as well. These two actions can save you a lot of time and hassle if things go wrong.
So let’s get started…..

First up is Windroy….

Android on Windows